This program is a full body conditioning training plan designed to transform your body and mind, in the comfort of your own home. This @ Home Training Guide is designed for anyone of any fitness level, beginner and up, male or female. By pushing the intestsity, you push faster results. For optimimal results, I recommend accomanying my Nutrition Guide with this training program. 


Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell (preferbly one light set/one heavier set)


Training Shoes

Optional - Pull Up Bar (doorway) 



@ Home Training Guide

  • Give it everything you have! Leave it all on the floor! If, at the end of
    each workout, you’re on your back sucking for oxygen; then you’ve
    done it right! Intensity is the back bone of improvement. That wall
    you hit during the middle of a tough training workout is the
    manifestation of your limits– fight them! Somewhere within you is the
    potential to push through seemingly unsurmountable adversity - this
    program is designed to help you find that potential.